283 orphans from Mahad Orphanage in Juba, South Sudan have a reason to smile after they received assorted gifts, shoes and clothes during Eid Ul Adha.

The gifts were donated by Ahmed Bin Abd Allah and channelled through the Qatar Charity with the distribution being done by Islamic Relief South Sudan.

In South Sudan, most orphans survive at the mercy of well-wishers and a few charity organisations like Islamic Relief. Guided by our values, Islamic Relief leads in mobilising funds from sympathisers to help orphans in Mahad rebuild their lives and identity by restoring hope and dignity.

The programme not only gave the children new clothes but also helped them get playing materials such as footballs, toys for children and mats to help them during prayers.

Mahad Orphanage is a Muslim faith-based institution that was established during the Sudan civil war. The facility continues to receive an influx of street children whose parents are either dead or abandoned them.

14-year-old Mohamed Sebit spends most of his day praying and reading books promised to dedicate his Duha praying for Ahmed Bin Abd Allah. Duha is a voluntary Islamic prayer between the obligatory Islamic prayer of Fajr and Dhuhr

Reaching out to beneficiaries,

Mama Mariam Ali has voluntarily been cooking and overseeing the wellbeing of orphans in Mahad for the last 18 years. Given the dire situation in the facility, Mariam was ready to resign due to lack of support for the facility. She says, “The assistance I received from Islamic Relief since the beginning of this year encourages me to continue helping these children. We appreciate and acknowledge all those who feel our situation and shall dedicate them in prayer specially Ahmed Bin Abd Allah.”

Mariam says that their major challenges include food, clothes and water. “Islamic Relief through its seasonal project provided us with food which we still feed on,” she concluded.