IR Emergency response covers WASH( mainly drilling and rehabilitation of boreholes; distribution of foods, NFI and construction of emergency latrines for the displace population. IR also provides nutritional packs to the malnourished children, preventive  medicine and Health care support to the venerable population through established PHCC- Primary Health Care Centres).

under Emergency response programme, we are now providing life-saving foot and water to 70,000 venerable people( prioritising young people). this includes providing emergency nutrition for 2,000 malnourished children and distributing food to 15,000 people facing starvation in Tony North in Bar el Ghazal, as well as rehabilitating 50 boreholes and drilling five others.

the number of displaced people arriving in the capital Juba is increasingly every day worsening n already dire situation in the camps. we are also providing food and clean water to displace families from Bor, Bentiu, Rajaf and Lainya living in three camps.

while in Eastern Equatoria, our emergency teams have recently distributed food in lainya where the situation has deteriorated because of the conflict in Kapoeta where there is a cholera outbreak. In Terekeka in Central Equatoria, where the situation is stable, Islamic relief is providing eight women’s group (80 members each) with farming tools and training to help them produce more food and to increase their income. we are also helping them to access and store good quality locally -produce seeds.

Currently, Islamic Relief is operational in six counties of four States in South Sudan namely ( Lainya and Yei River State of Central Equatoria; Kapoeta East of Eastern Equatoria State; Akop, Warap and Marialou County of Tonj North and Kujiona County of Western Bar el Ghazal).