With support from Islamic Relief UK, Islamic Relief South Sudan is helping to address the root causes of inter- communal conflict that have been impeding development in Greater Tonj North Counties in South Sudan. This is being done through peace caravans and formation of Community Peace Committees (IPC)

On the 4th December 2018, a team of IR South Sudan staff members, government officials, national and local artistes journeyed through Warap, Awul, Rualbet, Akop, Marialou and Alabek Payams with the ultimate aim to sensitise targeted communities and local leaders on the need for peaceful co-existence with neighbours.

The Caravan attracted huge crowds from different categories of people. Thousands converged to have glimpse of renowned peace ambassador locally known as WJ DE KING whose lyrics seek to promote peace and address Gender Based Violence (GBV) in the society.

During the rally, the peace advisor to the Government of Tonj State Hon. Kon Deng urged the people of Tonj State to use these opportunities to embrace peace and harmony among their neighbourhoods. He further said that war has robbed and deprived South Sudanese people of their socio-economic transformation for the last 30 years.

The impact of the peace rallies was evident from the jovial faces of the crowds, and increased demands as many communities in South Sudan requested for extension of peace activities to their Counties and States.

Inter-communal fighting has hampered socio-economic growth in greater Tonj North counties. Since then, the communities in this area continue to experience displacement, loss of property and life. In South Sudan cattle raiding and revenge killings are the main causes of rural displacements and deaths.