Seasonal Program

Many of the people who receive Ramadan food parcels or meat for Qurbani also benefit from our other work, such as livelihood support projects or sponsorship for orphaned children. This ensures that as well as people living under poverty line able to celebrate the holy month and religious festivals without the hardship of finding food, they are also supported throughout the year


Our annual Ramadan appeal enables people to share the joy of the blessed month with people living under poverty line

In 2016, we distributed over 3000; food packs in Juba and areas. More than 18,000 of the Juba poorest people benefited.


Every Eid-al-Adha, Islamic Relief provides the best possible Qurbani meat to poor people, in line with Shariah requirements. We prioritise the most vulnerable families through our rigorous selection criteria.

We also ensure that animals are transported and slaughtered humanely by managing the whole transportation and logistics network. Strict hygiene standards cover the handling, packing and distribution of all meat.

In 2016, our largest ever Qurbani distribution benefitted over 18000 people in Juba and areas.

We endeavor to:

Protect life and dignity
Empower communities
Campaign for change
Strengthen the Islamic Relief family

Sectors of intervention:

  • Integrated Emergency WASH, Food security and Health Nutrition
  • Emergency Nutrition
  • Food security and Livelihood
  • Seasonal Programmes (Ramadhan and Qurbani)